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ELNA SILMIC and CERAFINE high-grade music capacitors
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High-grade Silk fiber capacitors for Audio
  The SILMIC series are Elna's highest grade audio capacitors that exhibit superior acoustic characteristics. An entirely new type of electrolytic separating paper is used, containing silk fibers. The extreme softness of silk can mitigate vibrational energy (generated by the electrodes, by external vibrations and by electromagnetic fields). Due to it's new electrolytic and foil design the signal propagation speed has increased (the ESR is reduced) and a more powerful, yet-mellow, sound is possible than before. When these capacitors were subjected to aural evaluations, the high range peak and midrange roughness were reduced substantially. Also, the low range richness and power were increased in the obtained high-quality sound.  

Features of the SILMIC Series
SILMIC II (RFS) data (pdf) | SILMIC (ROS) data (pdf)



Fine ceramic adopted electrolytic capacitor for Audio
  The CERAFINE series realize high audio quality by super fine ceramic particles adopted in the fibers of the electrolytic separating paper. Charge/discharge speeds are improved, distortions are reduced (less potential variations due to electro-chemical action of the ceramic), and electrical noise generated by external vibration is suppressed. This reproduces excellent sound with real concert-hall presence, resolution, power, good presence in the low range and less distortion in the mid and high ranges.  

CERAFINE (ROA) data (pdf)



  Which capacitor to use is difficult to determine without actually trying. It depends on too many factors. To hear the potential of a certain part, it's often nessecary to change other parts too. Experimenting with different combinations is a more solid way to lift a design to a higher level. In principle the original music signal has to be preserved as much as possible, but it's difficult to tell which parts do. For analysing a music signal (harmonic structures changing in time), our ears are still the most useful instrument. But we're all calibrated differently. To some a SILMIC adds color and warmth and a Black Gate FK sounds neutral. To others a SILMIC sounds neutral because it exactly reproduces natural colors and warmth from the recording, a Black Gate FK sounds more 'hifi' to them, making the signal more pulsed, peaky (giving attack) and too clean (filtering out natural timbres).
Often a combination of different (high quality) capacitors in the right places gives the best result. Best thing is to try yourself and trust your ears.
Still, we want to mention some general characteristics as a rough guideline (of course these are our personal, biased, subjective experiences). These characters apply for capacitors used either in the signal path or in the power supply (for digital different rules apply, but there are simularities as well).
Lower voltage versions of a capacitor can offer more refinement (it's faster, gives more presence towards the mid-highs).

The SILMIC II is best for reproducing different timbres, natural colors and warmth in a recording. It offers most presence in the low-mid range with lots of texture (tangible). Bass is round and warm, the mid and highrange are very refined, 'silky', quiet, but with lots of openess (more open than CERAFINE, less open than Black Gate FK).

The CERAFINE is also very good for reproducing different timbres, natural colors, but has a more direct sound than SILMIC (less direct than Black Gate FK). Bass is round and warm, the midrange has most presence and the high range is lively.

The Black Gate FK has the most open and clean sound, with the main presence in the high range. It sounds thinner, offers somewhat less texture and timbre. It offers most pulse, attack in both the low, mid and high ranges.


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