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Sakuma - Farewell to theory (German page)

Fullrangedriver.com - Single Driver site + forum

The Vinyl Engine - Turntable info, pics, forum

Audio Asylum - many audio forums

diyAudio.com - DIY forums

DHTRob - DIY tube amplifiers etc.

A Tiny History of High-Fidelity, High-End, & Ultra-Fi - by Lynn Olson

Audio Critique - Criticism and essays concerning the High-End Audio Industry by Arthur Salvatore
also check his Audio Philosophy

GoodSoundClub - music and evolved music reproduction techniques by Romy the Cat (uncensored)

Audio-Life - High-End audio and the search for magic sound


h i s t o r y

Klangfilm - Loudspeakers, amplifiers, tubes, moving pictures and moving sound, do we need more?

Audio Anthology - Western Electric

Elipson - Passion Elipson - Revolutionary loudspeaker designs from 50 years ago (in French)


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Dr. Gizmo's Search for Musical Ecstasy, a small selection from his Triode Guild Archives:
Is the truth about distortion distorted? - Nothing is more difficult to achieve than NATURAL TONE / NATURAL HARMONICS in an audio system
The stone of tone - Tone is the elixir, the stimulant of musical ecstasy
What is an aural metaphor? - ... path of musical ecstasy? Never seek "accuracy" because that is a plunge off the cliff of artistic expression into oblivion
Heart of speaker darkness - Have you noticed how difficult…almost impossible, it is to find a truly critical review of loudspeakers in the audio press
Sex, Music and Pentodes - Lisa, a Mensa Fertility Goddess, who I met in group therapy, initiated me in 1966, into sex, drugs and rock and roll and she insisted that we upgrade our stereo…
Chew on this - Never confuse the lowest level of musical experience, analysis, with the capacity to surrender to the music, to become it.
Double blind smell test - The world's first double blind A/B audio smell test - End of the controversy
Outing the audio industry's dirty little secret - The audio tests you read in magazines are hype, hoopla, nonsense, intellectually insulting, artistically dishonest
47Labs Solid State - Amplifier size is inverse to penis size :)
Diagram of the average male brain - Diagram of your brain
American versus Japanese view of the audio arts- Why there is such a big difference